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Token Issuing Exchange

The birthplace of liquidity providers and innovative farm mechanisms

Ecosystem and Tokens

MetaSwap began to think about a new decentralized STO model. Through decentralized smart agreement and DAO governance, it eliminates centralized supervision restrictions, greatly reduces issuance costs, and leaves it to token holders for democracy decision making.

The project's token Meta is a securitized equity asset-based encrypted token whose issuance is decentralized and unbiased. It has been issued on the BSC blockchain and is planned to be bridged with other popular blockchains in the later stage, To hold Meta, you need to use a cryptocurrency wallet or an encrypted asset platform, and it is also the voting governance and dividend equity certificate in the MetaSwap platform.

  • Value Addition

    Appears over time Assets that add value

  • Convenient Exchange

    representative values Carry out convenient exchange

  • Governance Vote

    Governance Vote & Listing Vote

  • Staking dividends

    Same currency, same rights Staking bonus rewards

  • Unit of account

    MetaSwap Accounting Unit


MetaSwap Exchange, also known as: Distributed Autonomous Organization Security Token Exchange. It is an STO platform fully deployed on the BSC chain. Issued by major, medium and small companies around the world, Listing and trading through DAO voting governance behavior, thereby simplifying the complicated process of STO.


MetaSwap is similar to other AMM exchanges, but the mechanism based on STO is released by the DAO organization after voting and review. The transaction fee is 0.3%, of which 0.21% is allocated to the liquidity LP token holders. The top ten trading pairs in the fund pool will get 0.06% of their own transaction fees to repurchase their own tokens and destroy them. After ranking 11th, the 0.6% will be repurchased and destroyed by the MetaSwap platform tokens, and 0.03% will enter The DAO treasury acts as an operating fund.


Add liquidity to the MetaSwap fund pool to obtain LP Token, and pledge to the farm to receive the corresponding security token reward. The specific reward cycle depends on the token economic model announced by each project.


TRON and other security token parties in the BSC network can raise funds through Metawap's IFO, which is similar to IEO, the difference is that users need to pay for IFO participation in USDT/DAO and Top 10 LPs for trading pairs Token.

After the completion of the IFO, the USDT of LP Token will be delivered to the project party, and the top ten tokens of the trading pair will be destroyed, that is to say, half of the funds of the IFO will be destroyed.


DaoPools is equivalent to a token airdrop pool. Other security token projects on the TRON and BSC networks can apply for cooperation with DaoPools. And provide a certain amount of tokens for free, users can pledge Meta tokens in DaoPools to mine various tokens, to attract traffic for newly released security token projects and organize publicity in DAO.

NFT Market

MetaSwap supports the BSC blockchain, which means that MeTA will be used for transaction settlement as a general-purpose, homogenized token for the NFT market. Buyers and sellers can directly transfer the MeTA tokens settled in the NFT market to the wallet, and the MeTA in the NFT market will be converted to Meta 1:1 without paying additional exchange fees. It has a promoting effect on the liquidity of NFT projects and collectors on the BSC blockchain. It is worth looking forward to the minting and auction of NFTs in our plan.

How to get involved

All audited targets can be issued by MetaSwap as securitized tokens. The development of smart contracts by the MetaSwap developer community will be audited by a world-renowned third-party auditing agency before listing. Users can learn about the listed subject matter and financial situation through the MetaSwap interactive interface. The process of creating securitized tokens is free and democratic, and voting rights in DAO governance belong to all Meta token holders.

STO issuance process

  • One

    Submit for initial review

    Submit business plans, assets, financial reports, economic model white papers, etc. at the MetaSwap listing window, and the top ten representatives will first be reviewed by the transaction and the economic model suggestions will be returned

  • Two

    Vote announcement

    After the preliminary voting is passed, the security tokens will be announced in MetaSwap, and all members of the DAO organization will participate in the voting

  • Three

    Development Audit

    After the vote is passed, the MetaSwap developer community will issue tokens and develop smart contracts according to the white paper on the security token economic model, and will be audited by more than one third-party auditing company from a globally recognized institution

  • Four


    Apply to enter DaoPools or IFO, and the tokens or LP Tokens of the top ten trading pairs will participate in pre-listing voting or choose to open a certain number of whitelists

  • Five

    Publication and disclosure

    Announce the trading day, and announce quarterly operating conditions or changes in anchor assets and financial report disclosure


MetaSwap is the first reliable STO mechanism project on the BSC blockchain . Therefore, many enterprises and service objects who wish to complete the tokenization and upgrade of STO securities will become members of the DAO governance and will continue to participate in the latest governance voting, so as to provide the MetaSwap protocol with the impetus for upgrading and development. Our autonomy can Promote the continuous growth of the developer team, thereby expanding the infrastructure and more application possibilities.

For many SMEs or listing targets with asset collateral, securitized tokens are an important financing medium, and the potential market of MetaSwap can cover various industries. In the initial stage, MetaSwap is only used as an STO application on the BSC chain; in the long-term plan, we will also expand to other popular blockchain applications.

Strategic Cooperation